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Super Jumbo Jigger SJ 1000
Super Jumbo Jigger, Open Width Scouring, Fabric Bleaching.
Equipment for open width Scouring & Bleaching of Fabric in batch form.
Capable to process cottons & blends in a batch as big as 1500 MM dia.
SJ 1000 requires less space, water, chemicals and man power as compared to conventional rope bleaching in kiers & pit pilers hence savings in all areas.
Optionally available with hood, recirculation & forced spray arrangement to augment the process and big batching arrangement at the delivery side.
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Super Jumbo Jigger SJ 1000, Textile Processing Machinery, Open Width Scouring, Bleaching of Fabric, Jigger.
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Super Jumbo Jigger SJ 1000
Chainless Merceriser
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Exporter of Textile Processing Machines. Since 1984 the export business of the company started to Bangladesh, Tanzania and Nigeria.